Brain Injury: Information for Case Managers/ Solicitors


The Speech Group is experienced in providing Speech and Language Therapy services to clients with Acquired Brain Injury who have a case management system in place. The Speech Group has close links with Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology as a result of this experience.

Liz has developed documentation that has assisted in ensuring transparency and clarity in her clinical work. This aims to assist the commissioning process. Clinical reasoning is based on the Care Aims model.

Associate Speech and Language Therapists are supervised by Liz Williamson. Liz has extensive experience in supervising staff and ensuring goals are evidenced based and measured. Associate Speech and Language Therapists are encouraged to use the Care Aims Clinical Reasoning Model and to use evidence to drive the clinical reasoning process. Reflective practice is also nurtured through the supervision process.

What we can offer:

1. Assessment of Cognition/ Language/ Motor Speech/ Swallowing/ Feeding as required

2. Assessment of impact of impairment on function / participation

3. Therapy to enable, rehabilitate, maintain function

4. Access to instrumental assessments and technology

5. Access/ Links to other Multidisciplinary colleagues


The Neuro Physio Service has had the pleasure of working jointly with Liz Williamson and The Speech Group on many occasions. We find Liz’s expertise, knowledge and treatment sessions are of the highest standards which creates excellent therapy outcomes. Liz and her Team have considerable experience and passion for their work, which engages the clients and makes interdisciplinary teamwork a pleasure.”

Simon Berrell MCSP, Clinical Director, The Neuro Physio Service