We offer individual treatment assessments and treatment for people with dysfluency. The approach used is called Smooth Speech and is used widely in Australia. 

You may suffer from mild to severe dysfluency. Unfortunately it is not possible to cure dysfluency but you can learn a technique to control it.

You may have repetitions, blocks, prolongations and hesitations (primary behaviours). You may also have little body movements that happen that are beyond your control (secondary behaviours). You may be  really sensitive about your dysfluency and fear certain situations or even words. Perhaps you view your dysfluency as a real obstacle, or perhaps it is just something that does not bother you but one that you wish to control better.  Nevertheless, in all these scenarios you probably need a speech fluency tool.

The Smooth Speech approach aims to provide you with a method to manage your dysfluency. You will be taught breathing, rate control, gentle onsets, voicing control, starting first at a really slow speed and building up to a normal speech rate. Eventually we will work on speech simulations like interviews, presentations and so on.