Support Workers & Assistants


Our qualified Speech and Language therapists highly value the work of assistants and support workers when it comes to carrying out speech and language therapy programmes on a daily basis or more intensive basis. Our assistants and support workers can support our brain injured clients to use their current skills in everyday life whilst also assisting them to use skills obtained in Speech and Language Therapy sessions.

Some of our clients with moderate to severe communication impairments have requested support workers and assistants who are adequately skilled in delivering complex motor speech, cognitive and language processing tasks. We have responded to these requests and put in place a system whereby our assistants receive a competency based learning package to be able to deliver the prescribed therapy. If necessary our assistants will also receive multidisciplinary training in order to understand the client’s brain injury and how it impacts on physical, cognitive and psychological functions.

If you require further information regarding our assistants please visit our Team Page or contact us.