Swallowing Disorders







Initially you will be seen for an assessment at your home or in hospital. Your swallowing abilities will be assessed using informal methods. Information from formal assessments such as Videofluroscopy and Fibreoptic Evaluation of Swallowing will also be part of this assessment if applicable.

We will work with you, your family and your carers to provide you with assessment, advice and treatment. We have a specific interest in airway protection and therapy to assist with vocal fold closure and compensatory swallowing techniques. Strategies and exercises to improve the oral and pharyngeal phases of the volitional swallow will be used if appropriate. For adults, we may be able to use Vital Stim.

We aim to avoid fluid and food modification where possible but sometimes this can be unavoidable.

Excellent access to instrumental assessment of dysphagia using Videofluoroscopy and Fibre-Endoscopic Evaluations and ENT colleagues is also part of this service.