Testimonials & Case Studies


Liz Williamson has been extremely helpful to me. Before I started taking her lessons I was just another university graduate struggling to land a job. As a sufferer of Dyspraxia, I had some difficulty in presenting myself correctly in job hunts. Thanks to her support I was able to improve my confidence, self-presentation and my ability to hold a conversation. These all proved to be very important for job interviews conducted over the phone, which were the majority of my job interviews. Eventually I was able to land a job in sales, something which requires a huge amount of speaking. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.” (Client M.S.)

This client had difficulties with communication and articulation. He contacted this clinic for support with social communication and presentation skills as these were affecting his ability to gain employment. Speech and Language Therapy assisted him to understand the basis of these problems e.g. breathing, rate control, intonation and prosody. Using strategies and biofeedback this client was able to achieve a better understanding of what he can do to make things better. He has done very well and this is a credit to him! (Liz Williamson)


I know a lot of therapists and hospitals. For 3 years I have not been able to speak. I now can speak. Liz is the best speech therapist in the whole world.” (Client J.V.)

This 30 year old client suffered a traumatic brain injury 3 years ago. He has been seen in this clinic now for 1 year. Using a psycholinguistic processing approach, drill based language exercises and a dedicated Speech and Language Therapy Assistant, this client is now speaking in sentences and is starting to spell and read text. His improvement is due to dedication and adherence to therapy tasks. It is hoped that in due course, employment opportunities will emerge as part of rebuilding identity through project based rehabilitation. (Liz Williamson)