The Team


We are a growing team of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals. We attend regular supervision. All associates are supervised by Liz. Some of our associates’ profiles are included on this page.

Speech and Language Therapists

Liz graduated with a Bachelor of Speech Therapy in 1991 from The University of Queensland, Australia. Since that time she has worked full time across a range of independent and statutory services. Her clinical responsibilities have involved the treatment of both adults and children. Eight years into her career she began to take on service management positions which allowed her to expand her knowledge of health and social services. In these senior roles she was required to manage all aspects of clinical service delivery whilst at the same time improve services, reduce costs, produce and supervise audits and clinical research. Read more

Eimear is a therapist who has a passion for Independent Speech and Language Therapy and a commitment to providing evidenced based theoretical reasoning behind my clinical practice. She sets clear achievable goals and measures the outcomes regularly to ensure that therapy is productive and successful. Read more

Tom is a speech and language therapist working in the private sector to provide assessment and rehabilitation to clients following brain injury.
He has formed strong multi-disciplinary relationships, both within the NHS and within the private healthcare network. He maintains close links with the Stroke Association. He has worked as a team leader and discharge coordinator and has experience in the management of care, support and therapy team provision. Read more

Elise is a dedicated Speech and Language Therapist who is particularly interested in working with Young Adults with Acquired Brain Injury and the cognitive/ language challenges arising from this presentation. Elise has experience in Paediatrics and Adults and is a highly valued member of the team. Read more

Kevin is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist, graduating in 2000. He has a range of experience with adult acquired disorders, including dementia and progressive disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Motor Neurone Disease. He has worked in community and acute hospital environments, supporting multi-disciplinary teams and managing complex and varied caseloads. Read more

Speech and Language Therapy Assistants

Laura is an experienced and dedicated Special Needs Support Assistant with extensive skills in developing relationships and providing a personal level of care. One of the integral parts of her role is educating and involving herself in the client’s personal programme and therapy plans. Read more

Florence is currently working with clients in The Speech Group with complex cognitive and communication impairments arising from brain injury. These clients are living in home and visits take place in the client’s home. These sessions aim to support the current Speech and Language Therapy programme which is delivered by a qualified Speech and Language Therapist. Florence’s ultimate goal is to train in Speech and Language Therapy and receive qualification as a Speech and Language Therapist. Read more

Susan has a background in teaching music and movement in schools with children and young adults. Susan has extensive experience in delivering language therapy programmes for clients with language processing impairment following neurological injury. Read more