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Liz Williamson, Founder and Director of The Speech Group

Liz graduated with a Bachelor of Speech Therapy in 1991 from The University of Queensland, Australia. Since that time she has worked full-time across a range of independent and statutory services and her clinical responsibilities have involved the treatment of both adults and children.

Liz established The Speech Group in 2008, as an independent provider of speech and language therapy services to The Wellington Hospital, London.


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In 2010, Liz began providing independent services to case managers and solicitors. These services include assessment and intervention, along with comprehensive reports and programmes. 

In recent times, Liz' caseload predominantly involves medicolegal work; providing clinical supervision for senior speech and language therapists in education and healthcare settings; and supervising all team members within The Speech Group.

BBC Horizon MY Amazing Brain: Richard's War

Liz recently appeared on BBC Horizon's My Amazing Brain: Richard's War — broadcast in January 2018. The documentary follows the journey of stroke victim Richard Gray, and his remarkable recovery following this life-changing event.

Liz' interview, as a member of Richard's multidisciplinary team during his rehabilitation process, can be viewed during the full documentary at the link above. 

Tom, Speech and Language Therapist

Tom is a speech and language therapist working in the private sector, providing assessment and rehabilitation to clients following brain injury.

Initially qualifying as a speech & language therapist with BA (Hons) in Linguistics from the University of Luton, Tom went on to obtain a PgDip in Speech and Language Therapy from City University in London.


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Tom has formed strong multidisciplinary relationships both within the NHS and the private healthcare network, and maintains close links with the Stroke Association

Tom is a member of BABICM, the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice, Aphasia Therapy SIG and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Ana, Speech and Language Therapist

Ana has 16 years’ experience as a speech and language therapist, working predominantly with adults with acquired neurological communication, cognitive and/or swallowing difficulties.  

She recently completed an MSc in Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Speech, Language and Communication) at London's City University.    


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Ana has worked within the NHS and private sector, as a speech and language therapist within the Community Neuro Rehabilitation team in Worthing; as Communication Support Worker for the development of EVA Park; as a community outreach mentor for people affected by aphasia in Brighton and Hove; and supporting clients with acquired neurological difficulties for The Speech Group.   

Elise, Speech and Language Therapist

Elise is a dedicated speech and language therapist who is particularly interested in working with young adults with acquired brain injury—and the cognitive/ language challenges arising from this presentation. Elise also takes special interest in stroke rehabilitation, dysphagia and AAC (augmentative & alternative communication).

She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Speech and Language Therapy from City University, London, receiving a distinction and an award for high academic achievement in 2012.


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Elise holds post graduate paediatric dysphagia training through NHS work-based competencies (2014) and post graduate adult dysphagia training through work-based competencies.

She is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Hayley, Speech and Language Therapist

Hayley is a qualified speech and language therapist, with a degree from the University of Wales Institute and six years post-graduate experience and training.

She has a keen interest in paediatric speech and language therapy, particularly in complex needs and AAC (augmentative & alternative communication). Hayley has extensive experience working in primary and secondary schools, with children who have a vast range of neurological and developmental disabilities. 


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Hayley is used to working closely with paediatric patients, their parents, carers and schools; and in assessing and implementing high and low tech AAC tools and devices, making appropriate referrals where needed.

She has HCPC registration, is a member of RCSLT and regularly attends the AAAC Clinical Excellence Network.

Rachel, Speech and Language Therapist

Rachel is an enthusiastic and dedicated, qualified speech and language therapist with ten years post-graduate experience working in both adults and paediatrics. She is currently a lead clinician at a Central London Rehabilitation Unit.

Rachel has a keen interest in paediatric and adult acquired neurological communication and swallowing impairments.

She has vast practical learning working with clients with complex swallowing impairments in acute and post-acute medical settings, and has extensive experience in working with tracheostomy patients and dysphagia.

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Rachel works with The Speech Group to offer support to Rehabilitation Units in the provision of speech and language therapy services as an external provider. Rachel is able to offer supervision and training in the areas of complex dysphagia and tracheostomy.

She has skills in developing augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) methods for clients in community and rehabilitation settings.

In recent times Rachel has extended her skills to provide treatment for clients with complex voice disorders.

Dawn, Speech and Language Therapist

Dawn is a graduate from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (2010) and a practising member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) and Health and Care Professions Council (HPPC).

Dawn has been working within the paediatric client group since October 2010. She initially gained experience within pre-school and pre-school complex-needs caseloads at the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, before progressing to a specialist role in Specific Language Impairment and Speech Disorders at North East London NHS Trust. 


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Dawn has been working in the independent sector, managing a varied caseload in mainstream secondary schools, ASD provision, mild-moderate learning difficulties and complex needs, as well individual clients with speech, language and communication disorders. 

Dawn has a particular interest in paediatric traumatic brain injury and the impact that this has on a child's journey through education and transition to adulthood. She has a keen interest in social cognition and executive function.

Eimear, Speech and Language Therapist

Eimear's current position as associate with The Speech Group involves working with children with dysarthria, dyspraxia, dysphasia, cognitive disturbance, and behaviour difficulties. 

She works with multidisciplinary team members, prepares reports, programmes, sources equipment and activities and liaises with reps for demonstrations of high technology communication aids. For children and young adults this includes the provision of transition reports for secondary school or college.

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A member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT), Health Care Professions Council and Secretary of the London Paediatric Dysphagia Clinical Excellence Network, Eimear has a keen interest in acquired brain injury and has been involved in evidence-based practice reviews within this area.

Eimear is known for her child-friendly approach and has a wide experience of working with children of varying abilities and skills.

Susan, Speech and Language Therapy assistant

Susan is a highly dedicated and professional member of The Speech Group team. She has a keen interest in communication disability and working within multidisciplinary teams to achieve the best functional outcomes for her clients. 

Susan has skills in Estill-based voice therapy technique, having studied the Level 1 programme. She has worked with a number of clients with complex language-processing impairments arising from brain injury (dysphasia) and as a result has had extensive training in this area. 


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Susan has experience in working with PALPA (Psycholinguistic Assessment of Language Processing in Aphasia) and the therapy that this develops for our clients. Susan is one of our key assistants working with clients on our intensive dysphasia programmes.  

Laura, Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

Laura has a Bachelors Degree and is an experienced and dedicated speech and language therapy assistant with extensive skills in developing relationships and providing a personal level of care for each individual client.

One of the integral parts of Laura's role is educating and involving herself in the client's personal programme and therapy plans, and working with all members of the team to provide bespoke and holistic therapy.


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Laura works alongside physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists on a daily basis, working towards development in these areas and furthering their personal achievements and targets. Laura has an understanding of how each of these therapies interweave with one another and this enables her to provide a global approach to her work.

In particular, Laura works with speech and language therapists to enhance the client's ability to communicate in a way suitable to the individual. Laura has formal training in low and high technology augmentative and assistive communication methods. Laura also has formal training in Attention Listening, Makaton, PODD, GRID3 and supporting dysphagia clients. Laura has extensive experience working intensively in dysphasia programmes using semantic and syntactic processing therapy methods.

Laura's ultimate goal is to seek qualification as a speech and language therapist.

BBC Horizon MY Amazing Brain: Richard's War

Laura also appeared on BBC Horizon's My Amazing Brain: Richard's War — broadcast in January 2018. The documentary follows the journey of stroke victim Richard Gray, and his remarkable recovery following this life-changing event.

Florence, Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

Florence has a paediatric nursing background and a keen interest in working with children and adults with complex neurological impairment. Within the Speech Group, she works alongside qualified speech and language therapists to carry out prescribed intensive speech and language therapy programmes.

Florence has experience in working with complex cognitive and communication impairments arising from brain injury, executive function impairments arising from traumatic brain injury and language-processing impairments arising from cerebrovascular accident.


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Florence also works with multidisciplinary colleagues to ensure that therapy techniques can be utilised in the prescribed programme.

Her ultimate goal is to train in speech and language therapy and receive a qualification as a speech and language therapist.